From your computer, within a coverage area in the airport in which there is Arnet Wi-Fi, start your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) and the login page will appear automatically, as shown below:

You have two possibilities:
If you have already purchased an Arnet Wi-Fi card
and you’ve gotten your User ID and connection key, simply type them on the left login box and start surfing.

If you don’t have your User Id and connection key yet, you can buy an Arnet Wi-Fi card and using electronic payment by following these steps:

  • Click on “BUY” button on the right panel of the site named “I want to buy surfing time”

  • Choose which Arnet Wi-Fi card you want to buy, selecting it by the amount of hours.

  • Type the required info in the form:
    First Name,
    Last Name,
    ID or Passport #,
    Your credit card info (number, expiry date, security code) ,
    Your email ,

  • Click NEXT

  • A screen will appear with service terms and conditions, accept them and click NEXT

  • Check that the info is correct and confirm purchase.

  • If the transaction was accepted, a window with the User ID and the connection key you will need to surf will appear, by clicking on the SAVE INFO button you will be able to save them in your computer.

  • Finally you will get the screen where you will be able to type your User ID and connection key.

  • In few steps, you can already enjoy your Internet connection.


    - You will get in the contact mail you provided during the transaction, instructions for the use of the service and transaction info.

    - Technical assistance is provided 24 hs a day on 0800 555 9999. When asked your Customer Number you will have to provide the User ID provided during transaction.

    - If you wish to claim for the original final consumer ticket of this transaction, please you can personally go to Telecom Argentina’s Commercial located in La Pampa 2295, 4 floor, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.